Tips & Facts about Water!

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Water Tips This post if full of TIPs and FACTs concerning precious water. Read them, learn from them, share them with others!     It takes a loss of only 1% – 2% of your body’s ideal water content to cause dehydration.     You MUST remember to drink even when you’re…

4 Benefits of Stretching for Chiropractic Patients

4 Benefits of Stretching for Chiropractic Patients Most people stretch and hardly pay any attention to it. Throughout the day a person may stretch upon waking or after they’ve been sitting in the same position for a while. They might do some stretches before working out or as part of physical therapy. Stretching often makes…

How to Avoid Getting Cancer From Your Cell Phone

It sounds like a tech-hating conspiracy; however, the longer cell phones have been around, the more data coming in. In May 2011, 30 scientists from 14 countries met at the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) to assess the carcinogenicity of the radiation emitted from cell phones, and concluded that, given the limited amount…

National Drug Take-Back Day

Saturday October 28, 2017, dispose of old prescriptions at these locations between 10 am – 2 pm. Visit to find a location near you!  #StopOpioidAbuse # #Memphis #Choose901 #

Side Effects of Soda

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Effect Of Soda On Your Body Americans are constantly on the go, therefore we all need easy solutions for what we eat and drink to keep us going. A coke in the vending machine or with your cheeseburger sounds much tastier than a water right?…

Do you have muscle aches & pains often o

Do you have muscle aches & pains often or after you eat certain foods? Maybe you’re choosing foods that cause inflammation. We are what we eat! #WellnessWednesday #EatWell #Nutrition #Memphis #Chiropractic #MemphisChiropractors #TotalHealth #TotalHealthMemphis #Clenin #StopOpioidAbuse #NationalChiropracticMonth #October #Clenin #Bomar #TotalHealthChiroMemphis #Wellness

As the opioid epidemic continues, the CD

As the opioid epidemic continues, the CDC updated it’s guidelines for prescribing opioids noting nonpharmacologic (non-drug) therapies are preferred for treating chronic pain. READ THIS: #Chiropractic1st #backtobasics #realignyourthinking #StopOpioidAbuse #chiropractic #NationalChiropracticMonth #Memphis #TotalHealthMemphis #Clenin #Bomar #Wellness #drugfree