I heard once I go to a chiropractor I will have to go for the rest of my life?

We hear this often in our practice. It’s a common myth that once you have been adjusted that you have to go for the rest of your life. Will you go to your dentist for the rest of your life? What about your medical doctor? Optometrist? Just like your eyes and teeth, your spine needs check ups. Everyday, we experience things that can cause a subluxation in our spine. A subluxation occurs when a vertebrae is out of alignment and inhibits proper communication from the brain to the rest of the body.

Subluxations can be caused by several different instances. We all know if we take a major fall, we should definitely see our Doctor for an adjustment. But what if we are under stress or have lack of energy?  While subluxations can result from a physical cause, they can also arise from emotional and chemical causes.

Excessive stress can rob the body of its ability to function. It is well documented in the medical community that stress causes immune system breakdowns which causes the body to more susceptible to disease and injury. A correction of this type of subluxation can strengthen your immune system and restore function.

Chemical causes of a subluxation are related to dietary and nutritional habits. What we eat and drink can effect our spine. Poor diets and toxins from foods and drinks can cause subluxations. The chemicals we ingest into our bodies interfere with our bodies ability to adapt which can make us more inclined to subluxations.

In addition to regular adjustments from Dr. Clenin or Dr. Bomar, there are several steps you can take to diminish causes of subluxations. We all know the importance of eating properly, exercise and adequate sleep. These are a few simple actions we can take to reduce subluxations and improve overall health. Remember to drink plenty of water! At least half of your body weight in ounces. During these hot, hot summer months, you may want to increase your intake especially if you do a lot of activities outside. Lastly, we offer detoxification treatments that take less than 30 minutes! This is a good way to decrease the chemical effects to our spinal health.

If you want more information, call us at 901-683-5971.

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